This website is by no means an exhaustive list of French movies, but a simple gateway to the particular films that I have enjoyed.  The films are listed alphabetically under the appropriate categories.

I love French movies. Here’s a partial list of why:

  • The scenery. I’ve traveled a bit in France, and there is something thrilling about watching a scene in a movie and realizing that you’ve been to the location that it was filmed in.
  • French films in general are great ways to learn about the French culture.
  • Escapism. Movies have always been about escaping from our day to day lives, and who among us hasn’t fantasized about holing up in a smoky Parisian Cafe while writing the next great American novel?
  • The language.

On this site you’ll find an ever-expanding list of some of my favorite French films, and when available, affiliate links to the DVDs and movie posters for those collectors among you.

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  1. Years ago, and I’d love to see it again. I enjoyed it then, and now that I’m a little older (and presumably wiser) I think I’ll get more out of the second viewing.
    Melville’s films were amazing. My favorite of his is Bob le Flambeur.

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