French Kiss (1995)

Rating: ★★★½☆

When Kate’s fiancé calls from Paris to tell her he’s in love with another woman, Kate determines to do anything to get him back. She even overcomes her fear of flying so she can chase him down in the romantic city of lights. Then, while airborne, the panicky Kate meets Luc, a somewhat sleazy character who just happens to be a thief — and who secretly plants a stolen possession in her bag. Luc intends to retrieve the loot when they land; unfortunately a conman grabs the bag first, thwarting Luc’s well-laid plans. Soon he and Kate are frantically scouring the beautiful French countryside in hopes of getting back her precious carry-on. The romantic situation hardly goes smoothly, either: Kate continues her obsession with ex-fiancé Charlie, while Charlie’s new girlfriend takes a liking to Luc… who unexpectantly falls in love with the broken-hearted Kate. Critically this movie received a lukewarm reception, but time has shown that director Lawrence Kasdan and principal actors Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline, Timothy Hutton and Jean Reno have collectively delivered a sweet masterpiece loved by many. Ryan was at her comedic best in this film, and Kline’s French was so dead-on that when the movie was released in France, many of the film-goers were under the impression that he was an unknown French actor making his debut. Click here to pick up the DVD.