Frejus, France: Is There Anybody Out There?


Frejus, France
Frejus, France

It’s been almost twenty years since my first trip to France (and you thought a year and a half between posts was a long time!), and ever since then I’ve schemed of ways to return again and again until I finally realized that I’d rather live in France than just visit on occasion. In fact, the first conversation my wife and I had was about our mutual desire to live in Europe.

Dating, marriage, child-rearing and life in general put things on hold for a while, and now we are finally to the point where we know it will happen, that it is within our power to make it a reality. This brings up a question of where.

Paris is amazing, but frequently cold and gray and always expensive. Sunny, Mediterranean Cannes would be ideal, particularly for the purposes of this website, but again quite a bit out of our price range for a place that my wife would like to call home. So I’ve been researching smaller towns and cities close to Cannes and came across Fréjus. It appears to be affordable, with the Mediterranean climate and the joie de vivre that we desire.

I would love to hear from anyone living there now, or anyone who has lived there in the past. What was it like? Are there other cities and towns we should consider, given our frugal budget and our desire to be no more than a half hour or so from the beach?

2 thoughts on “Frejus, France: Is There Anybody Out There?

  1. Hello Will,
    I enjoyed reading your comments about you and your wife’s desires to live in Frejus. All I can tell you, for now, is that I, too, hope to live there someday…As I have met the most wonderful French woman, THE woman of my desires, and she is from Frejus. We met in the USA while she was on holiday. Good luck to you both, perhaps some day we will meet on the shores of Cote d’ Azur.

  2. hi Pilot,
    I hope it works out for you! As someone lucky enough to have already found the woman of my desires, I think you should pursue her with all of your heart.

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